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About our studio


Our Awesome Story

SK Interiors is a full-service company specializes in creating high-end residential and commercial projects. We are trusted and foremost Interior Designer and Furnishing firm in Bardoli headed by Smita Kayasth and assisted by zealous team members. Our mission is to create interiors that are inventive, timeless and hearty.

Started in 2006, SK Interiors successfully completed more than 100 projects including commercial, residential, corporate and governmental in and outside areas of Bardoli. From creating the illusion of a larger space to adding dramatic changes in the overall space everything can be done on time and with-in budget. Whether you prefer going for a modern, classic, commercial or a modern-classic interior design, SK Interiors will bring grandeur you just require.

What we do

By now SK Interiors Team has successfully designed galaxy of prominent interior projects, creating exquisite architectural spaces for Bungalows, Residential Complexes, Corporate Offices, Showrooms, Religious Handles, Hotels, Resorts, and others. All projects at SK Interiors have carefully undertaken the commitment to oversee projects with professionalism and integrity.

Because we believe in doing the best than being the best!


Our Skills

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.





Smita Kayasth

The firm was formed by Principal Smita Kayasth, a trained Interior Designer in Bardoli, who developed her passion for design from different eras, cultures, and styles. Being the sole proprietor of SK Interiors, Smita Kayasth brings out bold and beautiful interior design ideas that leave her client with full of fresh and immaculate feel. She often establishes a rapport by adding modern artistic ideas with bottomless depths for places to be designed. Her vast understandings of scale, proportion, and design let her create harmonious, neat and warm residential/commercial environments.